Best champion weapon botw

Shields List. Arrow Types. Log in Create account Log in. Breath of the Wild Weapons List. Armor Sets. Cooking Recipes. This page was last modified on 3 Aprilat Ancient Short Sword. Blizzard Rod. Bokoblin Arm. Demon Carver. Dragonbone Boko Club. Eightfold Blade. Feathered Edge.

Forest Dweller's Sword. Gerudo Scimitar. Goddess Sword. Guardian Sword. Knight's Broadsword. Lightning Rod. Lizal Boomerang. Lizal Forked Boomerang. Lizalfos Arm.

Lynel Sword. Master Sword. Master Sword Awakened.A new set of Knight Challenges? From writing, to research, to images, find your preferred way to contribute with our sixth theme: Lightning!

Latest Announcements. Weapons are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. There are several melee Weapons in Breath of the Wild. Many of these follow a simple series of archetypes that often coincide with the names of Bows and Shields.

Each archetype possesses its own traits, such as boasting high offense at the cost of Durability as is the case with the Royal Guard's Seriesor possessing special properties that react to Guardianssuch as Guardian Gear which can reflect lasers from Guardians or easily pierce through their defenses.

Separately from these archetypes, Weapons also follow behavioral patterns. One-handed Weapons such as broadswords or simple clubs can be used in tandem with Shields whereas two-handed Weapons like claymores or spears cannot. Furthermore, bladed Weapons can cut through Trees while spears and blunt Weapons will not.

Heavy two-handed Weapons can disrupt an opponent's balance if they brandish a Shieldallowing for Link to knock their Shield out of their hand and bypass their defenses. Additionally, all Weapons are made of different materials such as wood, bone, stone, metal, and Ancient Technology. Wood can be burned when exposed to open flames and allows for the user to light it on fire and use it. Wood also burns in Scorching Temperature. Weapons made of wood, bone, or Ancient Technology will float in water.

Weapons made from stone or metal will sink in water and the latter can be manipulated with Magnesis and will conduct electricity, drawing Lightning during a storm.

If Link is electrocuted while wielding any Weapon except for the Master Sword or the One-Hit Obliteratorit will fly from his hands and land on the ground nearby. Initially, Link can carry up to eight Weapons at a time in his Inventory ; however, he can obtain additional slots by giving Korok Seeds to Hestu.

Hestu will upgrade Link 's Weapon Stash up to 11 times. If Link takes another Weapon while his Inventory is full, he will drop the Weapon or put it back if it came from a Treasure Chest. Although he does not actually take the Weaponit will still be identified if it was the first time Link had taken that Weapon.

Each Weaponincluding duplicates, occupies its own slot in the Inventory. Weapons can also randomly have modifiers when obtained from Treasure Chests or dropped by enemies, with descriptors such as "Durability Up" and "Long Throw" which denote effects such as increased durability or throwing distance.

These Weapons exhibit a shimmering sound and have a golden sparkle when laying on the ground. BroadswordsSpearsand Flails can be used by any of the three. Daggers are only used by Cadence and Zeldathough Link can use Short Swordwhich are functionally identical. In addition, each character except for Yves has at least one special Weapon that only they can use.

Most Weapons can be infused by a Great Fairy in exchange for Diamonds. Glass and legendary Weapons cannot be infused. When a Weapon is infused, it will gain a new attribute. Glass Weapons boast 3 points of damage, but will shatter and disappear if the owner takes damage while wielding them. Legendary Weapons have powerful properties such as multiple infusion effects, different special moves, or even armor-piercing capabilities.

There is at least one legendary Weapon for each type of Weapon. Weapons can be found by defeating Enemies while in-battle, or in Treasure Chests. Upon finding a new Weaponit will be known as a Sealed Weaponwhich denotes that the Warrior has never found a Weapon of that kind before.

Breath of the Wild: Weapons List

Once a Weapon is dropped by an Enemyit can be picked up by Warriors and used in later battles or sold for Rupees in the Smithy. Weapons that Warriors have picked up will only be kept if the Warrior wins the battle.

Each Weapon has a certain tier that can determine the range of Attack Strength, skill limit, and element the Weapon holds. Most Weapons and their higher tiers can be unlocked in Adventure Modemainly after obtaining A Rank in certain battles.None of the unlocks break the game or feel like required loot, but they are very cool, especially the possible bonuses connected to the non-Breath of the Wild Amiibos.

While worth using to grab more arrows, strong weapons, cooking items,etc. The previously-released Legend of Zelda Amiibos, however, offer the best loot as it can't be found otherwise in Breath of the Wild, and it's full of callbacks to past Zelda games. We decided to rank those items in order to create a functional resource to learn what stuff you can get from Amiibos, and also create a platform for all of use to argue about which unlocks are the best. Note that while the clothing items are each awarded separately cap, tunic, or trousers we decided to rank each one as a set.

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Email Email. Comment Comment. Sea-breeze Boomerang All the weapon unlocks appear low on this list because they will break over time.

It edges out the boomerang by completing the Wind Waker look when held while wearing the Cap, Tunic and Trousers of the Wind. Goddess Sword Its low ranking may be surprising, considering it is essentially the Master Sword, but that's part of the problem — the Master Sword is in the game, and it's much stronger. In Breath of the Wild it doesn't stand out visually in any dramatic way, which makes its unlock underwhelming. Link never held it himself before nowbut it was prominent in one of Twilight Princess' most memorable cutscenes.

The Six Sages used the sword to banish Ganondorf to the Twilight Realm by poking him in the gut with it. Biggoron's Sword Ocarina of Time is known for many things, but sidequests is not one of them.Though they are awarded to you after recapturing the Divine Beast by the chief of the people that the said Divine Beast is to supposedly protect, these weapons are much stronger and durable but not unbreakable and will eventually have to be discarded.

All is not lost however, as there are masons of sorts in each of the four hometowns of the Champions that can replace the Champion weapon associated with their champion. To replace each item comes at a cost which requires certain materials to forge them. Most being a weaker version of the weapon, a diamond and 5 pieces of flint or wood. You can only replace the champion weapons if you have already owned them. I really like reading a post that will make men and women think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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best champion weapon botw

Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Anonymous says:. November 15, at pm. May 19, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Zelda was the commander of the Champions, assisted by her appointed knight, Linkand the chosen four Divine Beasts pilots; DarukMiphaRevali and Urbosa.

best champion weapon botw

The Champions all wear blue clothing; blue shirts are worn by Zelda and Link and blue scarves are worn by Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa. Link's blue shirt is actually a Tunic called the Champion's Tunic while Zelda's shirt is apparently part of casual clothing she wears while travelling as she normally wears a white dress when praying, as well as elaborate dress robes at home and during the Champions' inauguration ceremony.

best champion weapon botw

Urbosa wears her scarf as a skirt. Spoiler warning : Plot or ending details follow. Many years ago, the people of Hyrule discovered the ancient relics, including the Guardians and the four Divine Beasts. This discovery coincided with the ancient legends about repeated events in their history, as well as a prophecy concerning the return of Ganon. King Rhoamwith the Royal Family of Hyrule and the people of Hyrule decided to follow their ancestors' path and heed the prophecy.

They selected four warriors from four different species across Hyrule with the duty of piloting the Divine Beasts, commanded by Zelda and her appointed knight, Link. The Picture of the Champions that was taken by Purah during the Champions' inauguration ceremony.

Top 10 Weapons - BOTW

This group was named the Champions after the group that according to legend defeated Calamity Ganon using the Divine Beasts ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild. The Champions all tried to support Zelda as she struggled to awaken her power, consoling her when they failed to awaken at the Spring of Wisdom. When Ganon returned Daruk rallied his fellow pilots to their Divine Beasts and told Link he'd have their support.

Urbosa at first wanted to take Zelda to safety by she refused to hide and decided to join them without her powers which none of them objected to. Unfortunately, Calamity Ganon used four blights he spawned to take control of the Divine Beasts; killing Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa and imprisoning their spirits in the process. Succeeding in taking control of the Divine Beasts, Calamity Ganon proceeded to take control of the Guardians to use against the people of Hyrule.

He then destroyed Hyrule Castle Town and devastated Hyrule, all while slaughtering countless innocents. Despite wielding the Master Sword and destroying countless guardians, there were too many guardians for Link to handle by himself. Despite the guardians being stopped, Link succumbed to his injuries. Finally, Zelda used her newly awoken powers to seal Ganon and herself within Hyrule Castle. Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa remained powerless for a century until Link freed the Divine Beasts from Ganon's influence, allowing the spirits to complete their task.

Each of the Champions is associated with a specific item usually a weapon, shied, or even armor.

Breath of the Wild: Weapons List

In the case of Link he is associated with the traditional weapon of the Hero, the Master Sword which he had been chosen to bare by the time of his visit to Zora's Domain after becoming a Knight of Hyrule but before joining the Royal Guard or Champions. Link is also associated with the Champion's Tunic which allows Link to see enemy hit points and once fully upgraded grants 32 defense making it the strongest single piece of armor. Revali is associated with the Great Eagle Bow the strongest Rito made bow and the only multi-fire Rito bow.

Revali was a talented archer wielding it with great skill. After his death it was passed down among Rito Elders to Kaneli.There is a lot of loot to be found within The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and while a good portion of it is solid equipment, there are very few pieces that stand head and shoulder above the rest. These pieces will be instantly recognizable to fans, as they appear multiple times throughout the Legend of Zelda franchise and are always the best in each game. This weapon can actually be seen pretty early on thanks to how open The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is.

The entrance to the Lost Woods is near the Woodland Tower, from there follow the lanterns until you reach the trees with creepy faces. From that point on, do your best to follow the direction that creepy-faced trees are pointing.

Before trying to pull it, though, check to see if you have 13 Hearts. Real Hearts, by the way. Pretty cool, huh? This iconic shield has been with Link in several major entries to the series including Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time.

You can reach this deep dungeon by heading to the back of the castle the northern side. Venture down into the dungeon until you come across Stalnox, which is a skeletal version of Hinox.

Shooting its eye will cause it to sit down, letting you get some melee hits in. When it stands, run away and repeat. After its health has been depleted, the one eye in its skull will fall to the ground. Destroy it before the skeleton rebuilds itself and the fight is over.

Inside is the Hylian Shield. Ganon, which is the final boss in many of the Zelda games, has two forms in Breath of the Wild. In order to obtain Epona you must use a Super Smash Bros. Link figure to summon her into the game world, at which point you can take her to a stable and make her yours.

The stable worker will recognize Epona as the horse of legend and marvel at her presence, and her stats:. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Nioh 2: Weapon Familiarity Explained. To Top.What the heck is wrong with the blacksmiths in Hyrule? Thankfully, the game does include weapon crafting, but it's limited to just a few legendary items.

There are actually just four people in all of Hyrule who know how to repair and craft weapons, but each of them can only repair one weapon apiece. Yeah, I don't know what's going on with these chuckleheads, either. Repairs are also limited to the four champion weapons.

You receive one from each of the four tribes after you finish the four Divine Beast dungeons. They're powerful, but like almost every weapon in the game, they can break.

What makes them special is the fact you can repair them — if you have the resources. If you've broken the Lightscale Trident you get for completing the Zora dungeon, talk to the elderly Zora blacksmith in the back of the general store in Zora's Domain.

There's a Zora Spear in the water behind the large staircase leading up to the Zora king's chamber. You can retrieve it with magnesis. The Gerudo Scimitar can be found on a bundle of boxes immediately to the left of the entrance to Gerudo Town and up a small set of stairs.

Once you have all that, take it to the guard standing next to the throne in Gerudo Town — she'll give you a new Scimitar of the Seven in return.

Completing the Goron dungeon in Death Mountain will net you a powerful, two-handed blunt weapon called the Boulder Breaker.

The best weapons in BOTW and where to find them

To repair it, head to the blacksmith in Goron City. He lives in a house surrounded by a mote of lava on the northeastern edge of the city. Revali's powerful bow is a reward for completing the Rito dungeon in northwestern Hyrule. If yours breaks, take it to Harth in Rito Village. He's sitting on the floor in a house near the top of the village's distinctive wooden spiral structure. Harth will demand a diamond, five bundles of wood and a Swallow Bow.

Cut down trees to get the wood and pick up the Swallow Bow sitting on the table right next to him. Yeah, they didn't even try to hide this one.

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